Understanding Our Business

We are not an engineering firm; instead, we are a professional designing firm providing designing and Scrum design management services in the construction industry.

    Professional firms differ from other business enterprises in two distinct ways:
  • First, they provide highly customized services and thus cannot apply many of the management principles developed for product-based industries.
  • Second, professional services are highly personalized, involving the skills of individuals. Such firms must therefore compete not only for clients but also for talented professionals.

    The designing services products have 4 distinctive characteristics:
  1. Intangibility; unlike physical products, services cannot be seen, tasted, heard, etc.
  2. Inseparability; professional services are typically produced and consumed simultaneously, and the outcome is the result of close collaboration between the client and the designer.
  3. Variability; because the quality of professional services depends on who provides them, when and where, and to whom, services are highly variable.
  4. Perishability; services cannot be stored, so perishability is a problem when demand fluctuates.

We also understand that the ‘blue print’ concept is a grave mistake. Blue-prints ‘freeze’ the designs. Designs are transformed and are continuously adapted throughout their life-cycle.

Transportation projects, since they affect people’s lives, are by definition complex projects, and only ‘live designs’ evolving iteratively can create value for the stakeholders.

We have to become better not in solutions, but in understanding problems. We have always to remember that engineering services do not have a specs sheet.

Tags: Design Leadership