Design Leadership

  • U-Profession

    Understanding Our Profession

    We are designers. We devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.

    A designer’s main strength is problem-solving; everything else is an acquired skill.

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  • U-Business

    Understanding Our Business

    We are not an engineering firm; instead, we are a professional designing firm providing designing and Scrum design management services in the construction industry.

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  • Design Tactics

    Concept-and-Design in Trasportation Infrastructure Projects - Our Design Tactics

    The concept-and-design phase is where the most project value can be gained (or lost). The following seven principles offer the most promising ways to improve performance and financial returns for our clients.

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  • Performance-B

    Performance-based Transportation Design

    Performance-based analysis allows professionals to consider and recommend solutions that are more effective and adaptable to the context of a project than those based on compliance with a nominal dimensional value from a design standard or specification.

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  • Creativity

    On Creativity and Innovation

    Ideas eat technology for breakfast.
    Technology is value-enabler, not value.

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  • Operations

    Our Operations

    Our operations’ motto is: Semper Gumby.

    We apply a 3-layer approach combining 3 well-aligned operating frameworks. Through the layers, both uncertainty and ambiguity are reduced. We apply Design Thinking for What & Why, and Scrum & CCPM for How & When.

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